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Create Android apps with Kodika and Mutata

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How to quickly and easily create Android apps with Kodika

As technology advances, businesses are seeking agile solutions, those that are not only easy to implement but are also cost-effective; that’s where the No-code application development industry plays its part. Nobody ever thought it would be possible to create an iOS or Android app for their businesses without even having to code. No code industry has just revolutionized the tech world and now bringing your innovative ideas to life is possible in no time.

Why it’s a good idea to use No-code iOS/Android app makers

Whether you want to create an Android app or like designing apps on iOS, no-code app builders can save you time, effort, and money like never before.

“No code industry is booming and taking the place of traditional app development systems so rapidly.”

It’s Quick

Whether it’s an Android app maker, iOS, or both, building apps with no coding development system is fast, and by fast, we mean really fast. Creating an app will hardly take a few hours, while on the other hand, traditional coding can take weeks, if not months, to create any mobile app.

It’s super easy

No coding tools are specifically designed for those who don’t have any technical knowledge. So using these tools is pretty easy and anyone can design the app using drag-and-drop features. Another interesting feature is that everything is visual, so you can actually see in real-time what you are building and can make changes accordingly.

Upgrading and Iterating

To add new features, fix errors, and so on, software programs must be constantly updated. Traditionally, this was a time-consuming procedure that frequently necessitated users shutting down the program. No-code Android app makers or iOS app builders, on the other hand, are not bound by such constraints. A new feature may be built instantaneously while the app is running with no code. Furthermore, improvements are being implemented at a faster rate than was previously thought possible.

It’s easier than ever to be creative with Kodika

Whether you want to create an Android app for your e-commerce store or want to build a productivity app, Kodika ends your search for an Android app maker. With drag-and-drop design components, nearly anyone can build advanced mobile applications with it. The interesting part of designing in Kodika is that you can make numerous responsive designs that look great on any device, no matter what resolution or operating system it has.

In-App Purchases

Subscriptions and one-time purchases can be added to your iOS or Android app in seconds. Kodika will automatically set up the relevant products in both the App Store and Google Play.

Instant preview

It usually takes time and effort to create and run the app to view the changes, but with Kodika, there is no need to wait and run your app to see the final result. Now, just by using Kodika Studio or even your mobile phone, you can view them. This not just only saves a lot of your time but also makes the process seamless.

Optimum performance with offline support

Apps built in Kodika can work offline with maximum native performance, and that too without feature limitations. Without the need for third-party plugins and frameworks, Native Sharing, Camera, Bluetooth, Contacts, and other features are available.

No limitations to creativity

You can create your unique designs by editing any component’s properties to build your signature style. Moreover, with 30+ drag-and-drop components, it’s easier than ever to create apps according to your personalized needs.

Various plugins

From Location manager to QR Code reader to In-App Purchases, possibilities are endless.

How to create an Android app with Kodika

For businesses to target their audience effectively, they have to research their preferences, their personalities as well as what gadgets they use daily. Researches also show that Android users are more in number. To make the life of citizen developers better and easier, Kodika has a cool feature that enables its users to create native iOS apps and then easily converts and releases them on Android without even rewriting the code all by using - Convert iOS apps to Android is the first-of-its-kind framework that has removed all stress of converting an iOS app into an Android app. It not only enables you to run and release iOS applications on Android devices but does this seamlessly in no time. This technology has made the dream of releasing mobile apps on iOS and Android while keeping only one codebase true for many mobile developers. Previously the only possible way to do that was by utilizing a cross-functional non-native platform that had its own limitations. Mutata, on the other hand, is an innovative solution that has made the swift across platforms easy and quick. Mutata just has to be run on your current XCode project to compile your Swift code for the arm processor and create the .apk or. aab file.

Mutata Showcase App

What if you could see how the iOS classes/elements and properties appear on the Android platform?
Mutata Showcase App allows you to see that. You just have to download the Android version, and you can see how each iOS element will appear on the Android OS. The best part is Mutata maintains the Native feel of both IOS and Android to make the user experience perfect.