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Simple Mobile App Ideas for 2021

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Coming up with new, profitable, and simple mobile app ideas is not an easy task. However, there is always room for fresh ideas in a booming market. Creating a mobile app is an awesome step for anyone with a business or a cool startup idea.

Nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets, whether to look for products and services, to find entertainment, or to get educated. In fact, statistics show that, as of 2019-2020, more than 65% of people with internet access were using mobile devices to go online. Overall, internet time is approaching 50% for mobile devices compared to desktops and laptops as well.

In light of those trends, many companies have taken the hint and launched either mobile-friendly websites, apps, or both. When it comes to mobile app ideas, the market for them continues to grow and there are many developers who have been able to take advantage of the boom. Yes, we are in the age of the app, so there has never been a better time to make one. All you need is a good app idea and access to the resources that can help you create it.

For the development aspect, Kodika presents an opportunity for almost anyone to build iOS apps and make money. The no code builder offers the necessary tools and resources to get from start to finish in less time and costs than building an iOS app from scratch. Now that you know where to create your app, all you need is a good app idea. Here are 10 simple app ideas for 2021 you can try:

Food service & mobile app ideas

If you are searching for simple mobile app ideas, food is one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Everybody eats. However, cooking is often seen as a tedious process for many people and some are trying to avoid greasy fast food choices. At times, people want their meals to come straight to their homes. Other times, people want to go out to eat but are not sure where the best places are. A lot of restaurants and delivery services have already implemented this idea. However, there is still space in the market for new app ideas that could improve the concept, so you could look into this if you happen to be a foodie.

Health and wellness

Keeping fit and healthy is one of the growing concerns for many people around the world. From young women looking for the best fitness routine to maintain a flat tummy to middle-aged men trying to find the best supplements to improve virility, the possibilities are close to endless in this market.

Idea sharing

The need for good mobile app ideas is a hot commodity among people in various sectors worldwide. The fact that you are reading this post for good app ideas is a perfect example. People get ideas all the time but are not sure how to share them or with whom. An app could help people brainstorm ideas on how to achieve a goal, or it could help people get their business ideas to the right people (investors, developers, etc.).

Environmental impact

Climate change is a hot button topic that has been increasing in intensity over successive years. One of the issues is that public education is low related to critical subject areas such as carbon footprint, renewables vs non-renewables, groundwater health, etc. If you happen to be environment-conscious, you may consider looking into the creation of an app that could help people make better decisions that could benefit the Earth.

Augmented reality

As more and more companies try to provide customers with a unique online shopping experience, the use of augmented reality has been increasing. From allowing someone to try clothes or furniture, there are numerous ways you can use augmented reality in a mobile app to enhance user experience.

Language tutorial

Traveling between countries is another global trend. This creates a need for travelers to learn the citizens’ language in the countries they are traveling to, and vice versa. There are over 6,500 recognized languages (although about 2,000 of them are spoken by less than 1,000 people), presenting a unique opportunity to create an app that can help people from different nations communicate verbally.

Bearer service

Heavy traffic in some of the world’s largest cities makes it a pain for busy people to run errands and carry out certain activities on a daily basis. On the other hand, there are individuals and companies who are willing to provide bearer services to people with such lifestyles. An app connecting both would definitely be a good idea.

Budgeting and finance

When it comes to spending money, saving, and making good investment decisions, many people simply do not know how or the discipline to make good decisions. Yes, there are plenty of apps already out there for this idea (as with many ideas on this list). However, as mentioned before, there is still room for other apps that can improve the idea and make it easier for people to efficiently manage their money.

Movie recommendation

For many people, finding the right movie or Netflix series to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon can result in more time switching channels than actually watching something worthwhile. An app that makes it easier and quicker for people to find content they would like, based on their personal preferences, could be a good idea in this regard.

Crime deterrent

Personal safety and security is a major concern for many people around the world. Just think of the many robberies that could be prevented and lives that probably could have been saved if there were more apps that could, in some way, ward off would-be criminals or alert would-be victims. There are numerous possibilities to research in this area. A well thought out app that helps law enforcement officers or civilians protect themselves could be a real game-changer if you can come up with such an idea.

Have any other good app ideas? Whether you find something on this list that you want to pursue or have new app ideas of your own, remember that we can help you get it off the ground without the usual high costs and development hassles.