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What is a No Code App Builder?

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Without knowing any code, mobile apps can be made using special software. Anyone can use an app builder to make an app for the Google Play and Apple App store. In the past, developing mobile apps required developers with specific knowledge. An application could only be written by someone proficient in the relevant programming language. Those who lacked these abilities had to hire developers to build the app for them or acquire them. Nowadays, using a mobile app to navigate is more convenient than using a web browser. On their mobile devices, users find that most actions, like daily tasks, payments, and chitchatting, are simpler. Making a mobile app is difficult for businesses, though. Previously, the companies required a big budget to develop an app through the conventional process, i.e., hiring a programming team. In addition, it would be at least some months before the app was finished being designed and developed. Fortunately, technology has advanced, making it possible to create apps without any programming knowledge for a fraction of the cost and time needed in the past.

No-code platforms

No coding knowledge is necessary for the no-code development approach. A no-code platform uses front-end visual building techniques as opposed to writing code. Starting with a template, you may then add plain text content, alter the colors, include videos, and manage your design using a visual editor. On an emulator, you can watch the changes you make in the editor as they happen. This enables you to understand precisely how your modifications are affecting the features and design decisions of your finished product. Updating, paying for servers, or managing infrastructure will be taken care of by your no-code tool. Integrations, data connections, and plugins are frequently used by the finest no-code app builders to enable functionality.

What to consider when selecting an app builder?

One should compare and evaluate app builders based on a few different criteria. With the use of a no-code app builder, anyone can create an app. Considering the following characteristics can be helpful because selecting an app builder can be confusing.


The ease of usage is the most crucial factor to consider. You are thinking about using this approach for your mobile app for several reasons, and simplicity is among them. If it takes weeks or months to simply discover how the app development platform works, the software is too sophisticated. When using it for the first time, there will be a small learning curve. Even Facebook and Instagram required some practice before they could be figured out where everything was located. Finding a user-friendly app builder with an intuitive interface should be a top concern. Utilize the app to familiarize yourself with how it functions. Within a week or two, you will be able to tell if the program meets your needs or if it is just too difficult for you to handle.


The platforms you are considering will undoubtedly differ in price. You will find various subscription alternatives, each with more features and functionalities at various tiers, even inside a single platform. Do not let pricing be the only factor in your choice. Rather, consider the value you are receiving.

One app builder, for instance, would cost $200 per month, while another might cost $350. However, if your project requires building for both iOS and Android, and the $200 plan only allows you to create an Android app, it is useless. Besides, the time to develop an application also holds importance. If the app is cheap but takes 2-3 times more time than usual, then selecting the expensive option stands valid.

Additionally, they offer Push notifications, premium plugin access, app analytics, and more. If you require assistance or require something custom, you should also consider the degree of service and support you are receiving. fulfills these demands through their KodikaExpert teams, like the Hundred Agency. That is not something you can obtain from a free app builder. Spending a little more now will therefore benefit you in the long term.


What kind of application are you creating? What are your app’s goals? While comparing platforms, you must be aware of the answers to these questions. Imagine you want to develop a mobile application to control gym subscriptions. Or you are developing an app for internal communication among staff members. Does the no-code app builder you are thinking about provide the features you require to make this work? Do not focus solely on the features of your app when it first releases! Additionally, you must ensure that the app builder provides the capabilities you will require as your app develops. Finally, the technology the app builder is created cannot be overlooked. Rather, it should be used to support future Operating System updates and features. Kodika has been built entirely using the Swift language, so it has native performance and features.


Where do you want your native mobile apps to debut?

For each operating system, you would have to code a different version of your software using traditional development methods. Both iOS and Android apps are effectively two separate projects that each need a different developer to finish the work.

But with app builders, you can use a single build to develop for both platforms. Just make sure that the option exists in the software you are considering. There are also solutions to Convert iOS apps to Android after you have built them, like


The mobile apps you are creating must have excellent performance. What platform you utilized to construct the app on and how much you paid are irrelevant to your clients and user base. They merely desire a product that performs as intended. For your app, downtime, crashes, and bugs are a recipe for catastrophe. Instead, you want a quick-loading, bug-free program. Browse a few of the apps that were created on the platform you are thinking about. To find out how well they are working, download them and read the reviews. If you create your app on the same platform, this will give you an excellent idea of how it will function.


This is a significant aspect of the app development process that is frequently ignored. Regardless of how simple the various app builders may be to use, there is a strong possibility you will have a query at some point or another. It might happen next month or even next year instead of today or next week. Will the support staff be available for you in that situation? Do they have extensive documentation? A chatbot that directs you to a knowledge base article is not the only thing support can do. It is someone who can give you sincere suggestions and guidance to help you find an answer. Use a company’s app builder that also provides app development services. In the case of, it is close to the team, which is proficient enough to develop custom features in no time. Compared to independent app development tools, this will provide you with the greatest assistance imaginable.


None of the other app builders present in the market are like It is a straightforward and easy tool for developing apps for both iOS and Android without the need for technical expertise or coding knowledge. Starting in just a few minutes, you may select a magnificent template from a special collection of categories tailored to your sector. Your software can be easily modified from anywhere, and you have complete control over the design. Furthermore, you can request any Swift plugin to be implemented in the Kodika Studio. Moreover, all the above-mentioned requirements for an app builder to work proficiently are provided by

Wrapping Up

The days of writing software from scratch using hard code are long gone. No-code app creation tools make it simpler for experienced programmers, amateur programmers, and the average user to easily construct an app. There is no need to spend a lot of money, and the time it takes to launch your program will not be a year either. When compared to traditional development, these tools enable you to release an app in a matter of weeks or months for a much lower price. Business users with no knowledge of coding and experienced developers may both rely on