Covve Card Scanner: From idea to MVP in four days with Kodika.io

Kodika Team Kodika Team

What a success story! From idea to MVP in four days. You cannot help but fill with pride when one of the most successful business card scanner apps, the one created by Covve, is built with Kodika.io App Builder! And to top it all off, they share their own “journey” of using your no code app builder, on their Blog!

As described in the relevant article

“It’s pet projects day at Covve, a time when ideas are born and innovation flourishes. This particular Friday, an interesting debate was underway… Given the investment and exceptional results of building Covve’s business card scanning engine (hint: one of the world’s most accurate engines which is also language agnostic), wouldn’t it be great to make this available to people through a standalone app?

This is a debate we’ve often had at Covve HQ, and the hypothesis is solid – there’s an entire audience out there who want a dedicated, simple and super accurate scanner. We’ve already developed the tech, so why not make it?

The answer regrettably has always been that 100% of the team’s effort must go to Covve and side-projects like this, no matter how tempting, must take second priority.

…that is until Kodika.io came along”.

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