The… journey of Monedanos from an idea to AppStore

Kostas Antonopoulos Kostas Antonopoulos

Office life means having to deal with multiple food and beverage orders every day. At some point, you either end up owing money or paying for someone else’s coffee.

All the above gave the idea of Monedanos: A mobile app that tracks the expenses among a group of people but without the need of a server.

I found the idea of Monedanos brilliant, and since it was built with Kodika.io, I asked the creator to tell me the story of this app.

“I first used Kodika.io in the past to see how it works and experiment with it since it does not require any coding knowledge. So, when I came up with the idea of Monedanos, I knew which no code app builder to use”, he said. And continued: “I tried to keep it as simple as possible, and what’s easier than a Google Sheet that includes all names and their transactions? And that was when I contacted you!” .

The creator of the app contacted us in order to ask for a way to use a shared Google sheet as REST API. Coincidentally, at that time, we were developing a relevant tool and were looking for an actual application to test it. So we send it, and it worked! 🙂

This tool is still in beta and available upon request, so don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to try it out

And the story goes on, “After we solved the -where are all these going to be saved if not in a server- challenge, I just had to implement the design and logic of the app. The original idea was to design the app only to receive a single spreadsheet link. But the more I thought of it, the bigger it got in my mind. So, I decided to support multiple spreadsheet links, which wasn’t such a hard decision to make, since the implementation of a new screen takes less than half an hour in Kodika.io. From a design perspective, the implementation was pretty standard: Buttons, labels, cells, and table views were dragged-and-dropped to create the transactions and debts list. To be honest, I’m not famous for my designing skills; thus, the prototype I showed to my colleagues received some harsh criticism (!). So, I brought my iPad to work, and at our lunch break, I handed the app to the designers to fix all of my “horrible” design mistakes. The app was up and running!”.

Monedanos is the perfect example of what I had envisioned when two years ago, we started developing Kodika.io: Simplify the app development process and make it more approachable to everyone.

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