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A no code app maker that simplifies mobile app development


Startups, Freelancers, SMEs and Designers are releasing new apps every day, either to the stores, or for internal uses.

The official mobile app of the #1 Cyprus news website.


Food and beverages ordering app for stadiums.

Export Contacts by Covve

Export your contacts at a tap of a button, in excel-compatible format.

Who uses Kodika?


A #KodikaExpert team that uses No Code tools to build mobile apps fast and inexpensive.

Tabs and Spaces

A leading development company that builds from custom portals and corporate websites to mobile applications and eShops.

Digital Tree

Digital Tree is a digital solutions company which is active in the verticals of Media, Services, eCommerce & Innovation.

What you can build?

Build a News App

Integrate with your Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or custom CMS.

Build a Food ordering app

Create your custom Food ordering app with accounts, cart and payments.

Build an Utility and Productivity app

Build any app using +1000 ready to use Code Blocks.

Build a Web Radio app

Build your web radio or web tv app in minutes, by using our Player plugin.

Build an E-Commerce app

Create an app for your WooCommerce or Shopify app.

In-House Enterpise apps

Distribute your applications internally using the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

Ready to use Apps

Launch your Web Radio app in minutes

Stand out with powerful web radio app features! Our ready-to-use web radio mobile apps are the perfect solution for you.

Create your customizable List App with ease

Get a ToDo app that suits you. Say goodbye to complex coding and embrace a simple, user-friendly app building process.

Connect with your members with a custom Church app.

Stay informed of events, sermons, and more in one place. Listen to sermons and services on your mobile.


or #KodikaStories as we ❤️ to call them!

Sizzzle: Find food trucks near you
Covve Card Scanner: From idea to MVP in four days with
The… journey of Monedanos from an idea to AppStore

Build quality apps without Compromises

In-App Purchases

Add Subscriptions and One-Off purchases to your application in a matter of seconds. Kodika will automatically setup the relative products in both App Store and Google Play.

Native iOS and Android Apps

Kodika generates native iOS and Android apps compiled in Swift and Kotlin, giving them the best compatibility with previous and next Operating System versions and maximum performance.

Native Features Support

Native apps, except that they can work offline, can also support all of the device’s features and sensors. Native share, Camera, Bluetooth, Contacts, and more are possible without 3rd party plugins and frameworks.

Instant preview on your device.

No need to wait to build and run your app! You can instantly see your changes in the Kodika Studio or your mobile phone.

Kodika Server

Hosted on Google's Firebase

Enjoy Google’s security and performance, scalable to million users without maintain and managing it.

Push Notifications

One of the most popular ways to re-engage and notify users is provided out of the box. You can send targeted messages to specific users and subscribed topics.

Firebase Analytics

Automatically track common events (Screen View, App Open, Installs) and add custom events for certain actions.

Social Login

Implement Facebook, Google and Apple Sign-In in minutes. Kodika will setup the platforms’ apps automatically.

100% freedom on your Pixel-Perfect design

No coding skills required

Create your interactive design on your iPad or Mac using the Kodika Studio, like you would do in any other design software (Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD etc.)

30+ Drag and Drop Components

Insert from Text and Images to YouTube Player, Google Ads Banner and In-App Purchases.

Custom and Unique designs without limitations.

Edit every component’s property or style to create your unique design.

Dynamic Lists + Grids - Reusable cells

Select between Lists and Grids and reuse your cells to create unified and unique Screens

Advanced Logic using Low Code and No Code

1000+ Event Actions

Event Actions is the quick way to add functionality to certain events with a few simple clicks. Event Actions can be added to design elements, screen lifecycle events, and Datasource responses.

Instant preview of your changes

With our unique Apple-approved technology, you can run your applications instantly on your Mac and iPad without waiting for a build.

Everything is possible in Kodika

Write your custom logic to support the unique features of your app. With support for conditions, for-loops, math, arrays, UI logic, 100+ plugins, and 1000+ more code blocks, everything is possible in Kodika.

Native Performance + Offline Support

Kodika creates native apps that work offline with maximum native performance and without feature limitations.

Integrate with your favorite and trusted tools

Connect to 3rd party services

You can integrate any 3rd-party modern JSON API in minutes.

Zapier Integation

Connect your app’s Kodika Server with 5000+ apps/services and create your unique automations.

ByoB - Bring your own Backend

Using our intuitive API tools, you can import your JSON API endpoints in minutes and then connect them to your designs with Drag-and-Drop.

Lottie Animations

Give life to your screens by adding Lottie animations. Just add a Lottie Animation View to your screen and customize its properties without writing any code.


KissMetrics, one of the top analytics tools, is available in Kodika No Code App Builder.

Google Sheets

Display your Google Sheet’s data in your mobile app.

Google Fonts

You can download and install any Google Font, or you can import your custom ones.

Request your own features and plugins

Visit and post your request.


Online Audio and Video player

Play your online videos and audio using our Player plugin. Just set your URL and setup its properties, like autoplay.

Location Manager

Request and show your users’ location and even automatically send them to your server in the background with minimal setup.

In App Purchases

Implement In App Purchases using our Drag and Drop Editor.

QR Code reader

Implement a QR Code reader in seconds using its dedicated Event Actions.


Create multi-language applications based on user’s device language or manual selection. Store your localized files either in your app or in Kodika Server.

Review App in App Store or Google Play

Request reviews from your users using Stores Review Plugin.

Local Notifications

You can schedule your Local Notification to be fired in the future based on your users and application’s needs.

Haptics and System sounds

Use our Event Actions and Code Blocks to play system sounds and haptics.

Release iOS and Android

Avoid the painful process of releasing your new app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Kodika’s automated release process will setup all the needed certificates and properties in App Store Connect and Google Play Developer Console.